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From the Darwin Awards Website

(2001, Scotland) Electric trains in Glasgow collect power from the overhead cable, and transmit any excess through the rails to a solid copper cable that routes it to a power redistribution box.
Copper is a favorite target for thieves. One enterprising fellow with a good knowledge of the electrical system planned to cut the copper cable during the time between trains, when no electricity was travelling through it. His plan might have worked but for one small flaw.

In the pocket of his charred overcoat, police found an out-of-date rail timetable. The train arrived ten minutes before he thought it would, sending hundreds of volts of electricity through the thief's hacksaw and into his body, and putting an untimely end to his career.

I feel it necessary to point out that such is the state of the rail network in this country the guy would probably have died anyway, cos NO train ever shows up on time around here, up-to-date timetable or not!

And the fact that my computer is playing Knockin on Heaven's Door right now is only coincedence I assure you. ;)
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