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The pains of finding a home

Finding a home in cyberspace is becoming a nightmare. My favourite server who host for free with no banner ads have packed up because they're full. So I thought I'd give Geocities a go. Hell, I thought, one little pop up wont be so bad. How wrong I was. My site uses frames which means I got, not one, but 5 pop ups! And that was only when the FTP worked (once) and when the server didnt keep replacing my index page with its own crappy "Under Construction" sign. So I gave up and went to Dencity. Free web hosting but they didnt bother to send my confirmation email which I asked for TWICE so I couldnt log in to my own frigging account.
So thats how we ended up in The Batcave. I had to cast aside all my gypsy sensabilities of getting a free service and pay for the space but at least I could log in straight away and their FTP server worked.
How can providers who rely on advertising revenue dish out such shitty service. Have their channel partners not even bothered to try using their stuff. How can people in business be so slack. And what is the point of banner ads anyway? Does anyone ever click on them?
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