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More people who deserve what they get

There are some complete imbeciles on this planet, and some who should be denied the right to reproduce on the grounds of their total lack of sense, but you can always rely on an Australian to call it as he sees it. Diplomacy? What diplomacy?

"Shark patting may prompt whale ban

ADELAIDE (Reuters) - Authorities in Australia might ban people going near dead whales in the sea after sightseers climbed onto one and patted great white sharks as they tore chunks of flesh from the animal's carcass.

"These creatures are not toys," an angry South Australian Environment Minister Iain Evans said after television showed one man standing on a dead whale's back off the coast of Adelaide and other people patting the snouts of circling sharks.

Media reported another man had climbed onto the whale's back holding a young child as hundreds of people in boats flocked in a sightseeing frenzy to watch the sharks feed.

"In the case of the great white, they can be extremely dangerous and it is clear the state government will need to look at changing the law in order to protect people too stupid to protect themselves," Evans said.

The minister said people were banned under environmental protection laws from approaching within 100 metres (330 feet) of a live whale in the water.

"I will now ask the department to...look at exclusion zones for dead whales," he said.

Marine officials said they believed the whale died from natural causes."

The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that you know damn well those idiots would be the first to complain that the Government hadnt provided them with any warning, if one of those sharks had bitten someone.
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